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Welcome to Chapel Hill Retrievers!



Training programs are tailored to individual needs of the owner for their canine friends.  We specialize in retriever field trials, but some of our clients run hunt test and hunt their dogs. Please feel free to contact us and see what Chapel Hill Retrievers can do for you!

Our training facility is located just outside of Fertile, IA which is  centrally located between Des Moines, IA and Minneapolis, MN.  We are less than 6 miles west of interstate 35 on Hwy 9.  Our grounds are constantly being managed for the purpose of dog training. We currently have seven training ponds as all as a creek that runs through the center of our property which provides cool water to run the dogs through on those warm summer days. Pond number eight will begin construction in the near future.  Our dogs are transported in custom made dog boxes built by Ainley Kennels and Fabrication which are mounted to chassis cab trucks.  These rigs provide a safe and comfortable mode of transportation in all types of weather to and from where we are training or competing.  Currently our dogs have the opportunity to relax in shade covered kennel overlooking a portion of our training grounds.  The shade is provided by a roof over the kennels and plenty of nice trees to help keep them comfortable on those warm summer days.  The kennels are outdoors, therefore there is an ample supply of fresh air which helps to keep our dogs healthy which means less down time due to sickness.  


My name is Isaac Langerud and I started Chapel Hill Retrievers with the purpose of helping you reach the goals that you have set fourth for both you and your canine friend.  Whether you are a first time dog owner or a someone who has been competing in national events year after year, we tailor our program to help you reach your goals. 


My passion for dogs started in my youth while pheasant hunting with my father. We quickly realized that we were much productive when hunting over a dog. Being able to see the dogs work in the field and help us achieve our goals, in hunting, was truly where it all began for me.  After those hunting experiences I began to search for and acquire as much training knowledge as I could come up with.  I read books and magazines, watched training videos, trained with a local training group and then went on to do my college internship with Scott Dewey at Rock River Retrievers.  After graduating college, I went out to work with Jim Van Engen at Right Start Kennels in Sheboygan Falls, WI.  While working at Right Start Kennels, I had the opportunity to work with a vast array of young dogs and got a ton of hands on experience learning to read dogs and adjust training methods to meet each dogs individual needs.  Over the two years that I spent training at Right Start Kennels I had the opportunity to work with and do basics on a number of dogs that went on to achieve the following titles: National Amateur Field Champion, Field Champion, and Amateur Field Champion.  


While working at Right Start Kennels as an assistant trainer for young dogs an opportunity arose, once again, with Scott Dewey to further my training education.  Scott was searching for a new assistant trainer and I felt it was the right move to further my training education.  I sadly left Jim as we had became a very good team but with excitement of getting to work with Scott.  I spent 5 years training with Rock River Retrievers where we developed a very competitive truck of dogs.  We made several Field Champions, Amateur Field Champions, National Open Finalists, National Amateur Finalists, and even a Purina high point amateur dog.  Things were definitely going good for us at Rock River Retrievers.  Scott decided to take a different path in his career and began to train service dogs and that is when I made the decision to start Chapel Hill Retrievers.  


In the short amount of time since the beginning of Chapel Hill Retrievers, we have been fortunate in the field trial game and have won and place numerous dogs in the derby stake, made several dogs qualified all age with numerous other placements in the qualifying stake, amateurs have placements in the amateur stake and we have won and had several placements in the open stake.  We have made a Field Champion "Hi Rollers Miss Independence aka Princess" and also qualified her for the National Open Retriever Field Trial.  We currently have a very nice group of dogs and look forward to the upcoming future.


Time to get training!  Let's work together to help you achieve your goals!

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